Explore Windy Waters

Border Collie dog

Hi! I'm Millie

I’m a border collie.

I love to herd sheep and to go swimming in Windy Waters.

A dog

Hi! I'm Lottie

I’m a labrador.

I love to go swimming in Windy Waters. 

A dinghy

Hi! I'm Sloop

I sail around Windy Waters.

When the wind is blowing, I can go really fast!

A speed boat

Hi! I'm Speedy

My friends call me Speedy the Lifeboat.

I patrol Windy Waters looking for sailors and swimmers who need my help!

A crane

Hi! I'm Cranky Col

I help James at the boatyard.

I help to lift boats out of the water and often give a helping hand to Speedy the lifeboat.

A boy

Hi! I'm Skipp

I love to go sailing on Windy Waters with my friends!

When the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, it’s the perfect weather for sailing!

A girl

Hi! I'm Sadie

I love to go walking in the hills around Windy Waters.

On a calm day with a little cloud in the sky, it’s the perfect weather for hiking!

A man

Hi! I'm James

I work at the boatyard on the shore of Windy Waters.

But when I’ve finished work for the day, there’s nothing I enjoy more than a sail around the lake.

The Island

The residents of Windy Waters often sail out to the Island to have a picnic on a sunny day.

James's Boatyard

James and Cranky Col work at the boatyard, repairing boats and equipment for the sailing club.

Windy Waters Sailing Club

Residents of Windy Waters come here to meet their friends after a long day sailing.